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DHCN's Speakers Bureau is available to: Conduct presentations; participate in health & wellness fairs; provide health and wellness education or training to your agency, business, chamber, club, employees, group, organization, students, etc. - for FREE!

DHCN's Speakers Bureau member expertise spans virtually all areas of healthcare, and focuses on individuals at all ages at every stage of life.

Speakers can conduct health and wellness education or training, lunch and learns, health fairs, presentations, or screenings - all at NO COST to you; that's right - it's FREE!

A DHCN Speakers Bureau spreadsheet is attached below. It includes various DHCN member agencies/organizations, along with presentation topics, contact information, availability, etc.

To request DHCN Speakers Bureau Services, please either:

1) Call the appropriate agency/organizational contact directly.

2) E-mail the appropriate agency/organizational contact directly.  

-or -

3)  Complete the DHCN INVITE FORM in the FILE CABINET (below).

    A)   Include all of the following details:

  • Event Name/Title
  • When (Date, Start & End Times)
  • Where (Location, Street Address, City, State, County)
  • Target Audience (i.e. Men, Women, Seniors, Children, Teenagers)
  • Expected Attendance (i.e. 1-10, 10-20, 20-50, 50-100, 100-200, etc.)
  • Sponsor (Organization Name & Website)
  • Contact (Name, Tel#, Fax#, Email)

    B)  E-mail or FAX the DHCN Event Invite - DIRECTLY to the appropriate DHCN contact(s) whom you would like to invite to speak/present.

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