Delaware Health Care Network (DHCN) consists of over 200 businesses and 250-plus members. We exist to collaborate, communicate, cooperate, and promote each other - as well as the group - statewide for FREE!

DHCN provides health and wellness professionals with a face-to-face and online forum to:  1) Network;  2) Generate referrals;  3) Share activity/event information;  4) Increase awareness & education on member's/organization's products & services;  &  5) Conduct Speakers Bureau activities/events - STATEWIDE.   

This website is accessible to the public; click on the FILE CABINET tab (at the top center of the page) to find information on:  DHCN Members (names, agency/organization, email & mailing addresses, telephone numbers, websites); Advertising Opportunities; Brochures & Flyers; Calendar of Events (excel spreadsheet); Camps; Community Events; Conferences & Expos; Donations; Education & Training opportunities; Exhibitor Registration forms; Fundraising Events; Grants; Healthcare; Job Opportunities; Lectures & Workshops available; Meeting Rooms available; Networking Events; Newsletters; Press Releases; Speakers Bureau; Sponsorships available; Volunteer Opportunities & more!

Speakers Bureau expertise spans virtually all areas of healthcare, and focuses on individuals at all ages at every stage of life. Members can conduct health and wellness education or training, lunch and learns, health fairs, presentations, or screenings - all at NO COST TO YOU!

Bi-monthly meetings are held the third Wednesday of every other month between ~*2:00-4:00 p.m. at various member's locations. Hosts are given the opportunity to offer a tour of their facility/operations. (*We are flexible with meeting times. To try to accommodate as many members' schedules as possible, we can also meet for breakfast, lunch or late afternoon.) 

To become a member of DHCN, please complete an online profile, as well as a DHCN Membership Application (in the FILE CABINET tab). Then contact  DHCN's Chair, John Callahan via Tel# 302-346-1471.  

In the words of Dee Hock, "With collaboration, the whole is not the sum of the parts. The whole is exponentially greater than all of the parts. Individuals join the cooperative effort by pooling their resources for superior results. Shared knowledge earns knowledge in return, and pooled knowledge consistently leads to better outcomes. In the information era, sharing information is important because it leads to understanding and keeps you in the loop of what is happening. Sometimes just being in the know opens a wider range of opportunities for action."

"Each of us should do all the good we can in all the ways we can in all the places we can for all the people we can while we can."





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